Commercial Cleaning

Your client’s comfort is our priority!

We provide commercial cleaning throughout the year, and provide quality Move-In and Move-Out cleaningservices well within your budgetin Hamilton. Your commercial spaces need regular tidying as you have regular visitors, and we have packages to keep your pocket happy.Our reputation has gained us many new customers through word-of-mouth and searches for “Move-out and Move-In cleaning near me” due to our many locations in Hamilton.


What’s the dirtiest in your commercial space? Toilets!

We have ‘steam cleaning’ methods to disinfect toilet’s sinks, basins, and floors. This is widely requested as it is chemical free.

Commercial Cleaning

End-of-Tenancy Cleaning

Get rid of the lived-in vibe!

Apart from the timely cleaning procedures that every house needs, we take care of move-in and move-out situations. Whether for a tenant or a new occupant, we deal with every dirty corner and tough stain.

Included in our competitive pricing is steam cleaning and sanitization of toilet showers, kitchens, and anything that worries you.

A few client-friendly services:

  • Cobwebs removal
  • Light switches & fixtures
  • Skirtboards cleaning
  • Doors
  • Spot removal for walls
  • Windows in and out, including sills
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Kitchen cupboards in and out clean
  • Toilet & shower clean

Regular House Cleaning

We keep your house as tidy as our own!

We clean houses on weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis at a price starting at as low as $55.

mostly use a STEAM CLEANER to keep your home safe for kids, pets, and elders!

Regular cleaning services:

  • Cobwebs removal
  • Switches & Light Fixtures
  • Skirtboards
  • Vacuuming & Mopping
  • Doors & Window sills
  • Kitchen, Toilets & Shower cubicles

Exterior House Washing

Your home exterior is a second identity!

BOOST CLEAN offers pressure wash & soft wash to keep your exteriors sparkling!

When it’s needed, we use chlorine based chemicals for mildew, moss, algae etc. which is a long term solution. Our experts leave no stone unturned and remove dust and dirt from decks, fences, driveways, and Gutters as well.

When we clean exteriors, we wash with different pressures where necessary.

GUTTER CLEANINGstarts from $80

Carpet Cleaning

Your house could care for you!

Carpet Cleaning is essential if you have babies, pets,and elders at home. You cannot ignore the importance of having a freshly cleaned carpet as bacteria resides everywhere.

Apart from Asthma, you could avoid several other breathing difficulties with good carpet care.


Window Cleaning

There’s a beautiful world out there!

We make sure our work is loved. Whether you have low or high windows, we have techniques to make the job happen. We avoid using equipment that increases your budget, for example we would use long poles instead of expensive scissors lifts.

Our systems are efficient & cost effective, and keep unwanted mishaps away by avoiding the use of heavy machinery.

When we clean exteriors, we wash with different pressures where necessary.

We can take responsibility to clean your windows in & out for two storey buildings and more!

Steam Cleaning

Your house deserves delicate but powerful cleaning!

Our team loves using steam cleaners for the only reason that the results are amazing. Steam has more heat energy due to its latent heat of Vaporisation.

Accordingly, steam is the best chemical free disinfectant. It can handle filth from toilets or kitchen sinks, bath tubs, andfloors.

Moreover, it is an eco-friendly process and safe for your kids, elders, and pets.


Car Valet

Your car is a second home!

As a customer friendly company, we also wash your car if needed. We do all of this while you are busy at your job.

Boost clean offers affordable car grooming services throughout Waikato. We clean commercial vehicle from cars, vans, trucks etc.Our services include exterior polish, including dressing of tyres and bumpers. We also do car seats & carpet shampoo.

Our washing and valeting services are available all throughout the week.We also pick up and drop off your vehicle wherever you like.