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Carpet cleaner: The place with 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat

The dirtiest carpet location in your house might shock you.

While you might consider yourself a clean freak and bust out your trusty Dyson on the daily – it turns out there is one spot in your house that’s filth might leave you shocked.

Research by UK sofa and carpet specialist, ScS, found that the average bedroom floor is, in fact, 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

The bacteria on the bedroom carpet was also double the amount of bacteria found in a living room, and 10 times that of a sweaty gym floor.

Office floors were found to be the cleanest in the experiment – in which carpets and household appliances were swabbed to reveal levels of aerobic bacteria, yeast and mould.

Bedroom carpets were by far the dirtiest, with a combined bacteria and yeast level of 140 CFU per cm2 (colony forming units per cm2) uncovered within them, as well as heavy mould

The cleanest surface swabbed was an office carpet, which contained less bacteria than a gym floor, toilet seat or living room carpet, possibly due to more regular professional cleaning.

Some 84 per cent of those polled by the carpet cleaning experts believed their carpets to be clean – with 63 per cent were not aware that bacteria and allergens can live on the floor.